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Everyday Habits That are Bad for Your Teeth

Everyday Habits That are Bad for Your Teeth

You may be taking care of your teeth properly – brushing your teeth on time and flossing. But even though you practice good dental care, you can still damage your teeth because of seemingly ordinary things you do every day.

Brushing Excessively

Not because you are brushing your teeth it already means that it has a positive effect on your dental health. Sometimes, brushing too hard and too frequently can damage your teeth and irritate your gums, either of which has its own associated complications.

Brush your teeth gently. Even though this appears like this does not clean your teeth effectively, it actually does. The most important thing in brushing is how you stroke the toothbrush, not how hard you stroke.

Eating Constantly

The fluid in your mouth and the starches in your food combine to create acids – acids that may be dangerous for your teeth. This means that constantly having food in your mouth puts you at constant risk of cavities and tooth decays.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that you eat sufficient food so you won’t feel hungry frequently. It also helps to choose what kind of food you eat and what kind of substance you drink, because foods with a lot of sugars and starches and drinks with a lot of acids can damage teeth and gums too.

Using Teeth as Tools

Your teeth are used to grind food, not to serve as an alternative to scissors. If you constantly use your teeth as tools, you may receive enough pressure to break or damage not just your teeth, but also your jaws.

The key to avoid this is to stop being lazy. Get the necessary tools for what you are doing. If you have already broken your teeth because of being lazy, it is good news that dental technology has advanced enough to repair them. The website of Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram says that there are dental implants and cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help you.

Doing Destructive Mannerisms

You may be destroying your teeth, gums, and jaws because of unnecessary behaviors and movements, such as chewing ice, nail biting, and teeth grinding.

To avoid these mannerisms, it is best to know their triggers, such as anxiety and stress, and avoid or reduce these triggers in your life. If you cannot avoid getting exposed to these triggers, the only solution is to discipline yourself to avoid these mannerisms, especially now that you know that they can be bad for your oral health.