How to Maximize Your Hailstorm Insurance Claim

Hailstorms may not be the first things that come into your mind when it comes to natural disasters, threats to life, and property damages. Usually, the first ones that do are fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Still, you are aware of the possible dangers of hailstorms and how they can have devastating effects to your property.

Damaged property only means two things – financial burdens and insurance problems. However, there are some things you can do to make sure that your hailstorm insurance claim will be effective, such as the following.

Record the time and date of the hailstorm

This may look unnecessary to you, because who really cares about the exact time and date of the hailstorm – well, your insurance company does. It has to make sure that the hailstorm in the news is really the one that has caused damage to your property, and in order to back up your claim, you should know the time and date of the natural phenomenon. This way, they can check whether your given time and date coincides with the news. This makes your claim more believable.

Document the damage

The worst things you can do after a hailstorm are looking around the house, assessing the damages yourself, and throwing materials that you deem unsalvageable. If you do these things, you are giving yourself the chance to receive less compensation.

This is because the insurance company will valuate the damages that have been made to your property, and if you have already removed some of the damaged materials, they will not be included in the calculation. You may not have a viable claim to backup your right for compensation for these materials because they are not present anymore.

So, instead of being too proactive and throwing things away, you should just document the damages in your property.

Estimate the damage without bias

According to the website of K2 Consulting Services, your insurance company may not property estimate the damages in your property, and therefore you may not receive the proper coverage you deserve.

It is a good idea to hire a third party, someone who is not associate with yourself or with the insurance company, to do the estimation for you, for a more unbiased approach. This way, you can get proper estimation and adequate coverage, as long as the damages are covered according to the insurance policy.